Our Rig

Ford F-350 and Keystone Mountaineer.  What a pair!

We had to replace our first truck with this shiny new 2012 Ford. For the story of how this came into our possession, read here.

We have a 2010 Keystone Mountaineer 345 DBQ:

The floor plan
More details can be found in this post.  We will post updated photos on this page as we move in and head out onto the road.

For posts relating to updates/repairs/modifications to the RV, click here.

We have been busily working on the RV to make a few tweaks, some decorating, and installing new things.  Stephanie has been busy sewing and gathering materials for all of the window treatments and some divider curtains.  I helped some by taking down all of the stock window treatments, but she deserves the credit for finding, creating, and coordinating all of these things.
Bye bye ugly vinyl divider, hello beautiful curtain.  We were able to reuse the track, just add curtain and rollers.
Curtains in the main living area.

We had one of the jack knife sofas removed in the kids room, so I built a bed for Ian to sleep on while incorporating some storage into it.  We are reusing some cubes from the kids room, and they will be going underneath his bed.  The rest of the space is storage, which is accessible from the outside or by lifting up on the plywood.

Ian's Eliza's new bed.  Color coming shortly.

Added a bike rack and grill to the back bumper.  The grill pivots from a stored position for use.

Put a shelf above the bar in the master closet to use the space above.
Added pegboard to a whole wall in the basement. Flexible and can be customized however we need.  Bonus that I already had it, so this addition cost nothing.


  1. Yes, you have been busy! Looking good!

  2. Awesome ideas! How is the Ford 350 holding up? We are looking at a similar size 5ver as we are a family of six too!