Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ian is Three!

A rare moment of quiet with our baby Ian--barely a week old.

Our little boy, Ian Alan--holding his own in a house full of sisters--turns 3 today!

Isn't he precious when he's sleeping?

Ian was my smoothest, easiest pregnancy by far (aside from the false labor scare when Jason was out of town at 38 weeks into my pregnancy with him!). He was also the birth in which labor surprised us the most with its unexpected length, and then as quickly the brevity of the final stages of labor. Additionally, he has been our most challenging baby, without question.

In his three short years, Ian has taught me more about myself than anyone else has in my lifetime. He has stretched me to the very ends of myself, into utter dependence upon God's provision, strength and guidance. Before Ian came along I thought I had a lot of things figured out, but he has taught me that I really know nothing that I thought I knew--and the humility that comes with that has been such a gift.

From the screaming ball of baby that I came home from the hospital with and rocked through tears each day for most of a year (both his and my own), to the stubborn and charming three-year old that I share my life with today, I cannot imagine who I would be without him. Nor do I want to. Because I need the challenges that he brings in my life. And I love that he can challenge me in ways that I would not choose on my own.

Ian is such a loving little guy. While I wouldn't mind some extra sleep in the morning, I secretly love being greeted by him crawling into my bed at 6am to cuddle and rub my back. He gives the best hugs, and while his speech is often unclear, the unmistakable sound of him whispering, "I love you, Mama!" is the most beautiful music to my ears.

He is passionate about life and there is nothing this boy does that is without mucho gusto! If he's throwing a ball--he'll launch it across the yard. If he's dancing, it's the wildest crazy dance I've seen. If it's building a tower or a train track, it will be the tallest tower or most intricate track possible.

Ian loves books like none other. We find he is often the last of our kids to fall asleep at night. We'll peek in after all is silent for awhile to find him sitting in bed, with a mound of books, reading silently to himself. When it's story time, one or ten is never enough. When he's feeling especially generous, he shares a book with a sister--and you know it's love.

When he lets me, I still love to sneak in a moment to rock with him and stroke his little white, fuzzy head and whisper to him that he is my favorite little boy. And if I ask him who my favorite little boy is, the way that he beams when he replies, "Ian!" is just the best.

May you always stretch me and challenge me, but keep your sweet and gentle, yet passionate and strong-willed spirit, my son. I cannot wait to see the man that you grow into. You were named for two of my favorite men who possess some of these very traits--and I love your Daddy and loved your Grandpa Highley very much because of these traits. May God give your Dad and me the wisdom and stamina to harness your energy and direct it in a way that will serve you well, and serve those around you well.

I love you, Ian. You will always be my favorite little boy.

Ian Alan--age 3

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  1. Beautiful, Stephanie! I love writing birthday letters to my kids. Your kids are blessed to have you and Jason as their parents.