Sunday, July 22, 2012

Concert fun

Every Thursday the town of Snowmass Village holds a free concert.  It has been rained out a few times, but we took the opportunity to head down this past Thursday to check it out.  Many of the people I work with have said that it is a good time (although I think that they like the prices of certain 'adult beverages' compared to what they normally have to pay).

Finding a parking spot was our first hurdle.  Thankfully, since I have been running around town, I knew a few places to look and could park in some reserved lots due to my parking permit for work.  Once we were parked, I took the family on a quick tour of town as we walked to the concert.  They have set up a stage on one of the slopes, so seating is raked uphill.  For our Indianapolis friends, it is like Klipsch Music center, but no covering or seats, just all grass.

We sat towards the back/top of the hill, since we got there after the concert had started and we wanted some room for the kids to play.  As a bonus, there was a gentleman that had chinese yo-yos and some juggling items for kids to play with and a lady with some hoops.  Granted, both were drumming up business, but it was great that they had the activities for kids to do.
View of the stage and hill.

The kids checking things out right after we got there.  Didn't take long for them to get up and run around.

Lydia working on her hooping skills.  The skirt was a good complement.
The whole setup is right next to my job site, so I was able to give perspective to Stephanie about what I am doing and the layout of both the town and the jobsite.  I think one of the biggest realizations for her was how much everything is built into the hill and how much vertical change I go through throughout the day.  So, if you look at the first photo, that is the background that I see every day.

It was a fun outing for all.  We can't wait to do more exploring.

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