Monday, August 6, 2012

The weekly routine

Yes, we have been quiet.  It is somewhat due to my working a lot, but mostly due to us settling into a routine.  We have been in Colorado for a little over a month now, so we are getting past the point of everything being a new discovery and instead creating new habits.  So, what exactly are we doing from day to day?  Glad you asked.

Monday begins the work week.  We usually stay around the campground on Mondays, unless we are in need of something from the store.

Tuesday is pretty much the same as Monday, although we may try to head out on a bike ride for ice cream or go to a park, weather permitting.

On Wednesdays, Stephanie and the kids head into Basalt to the library for story time and borrow books and movies for the week, and then play in the park or visit a local restaurant for a snack.  They also have brought back some crafts, so it is fun for me to hear all about it when I get home.  I like how each child has their own interpretation of what happened during story time, as well as how they did the craft.

Thursdays, we try to head back to Snowmass for the free concert.  They have a stage set up on one of the slopes and bring in a different act each week.  The concert is free, and we pack our dinner to eat on the lawn as we listen to the band.  It is a nice break and gives the kids a chance to see where daddy works.

On Friday we may head out to the store again or a playground, depending on our needs and the weather.

On Saturday we try to go out for dinner in the evening, looking for another great place to eat.  I will mention that is has been wonderful to not really have any chain restaurants around, thus helping us in our quest to find local eateries and the yummy food that they offer.  We love how many places offer locally grown and raised food, and how it helps support the local economy.

Sunday, if I am not working, is the day that we get to sleep in.  Once we are up and going, we head to the farmers market in Basalt to stock up on fresh meats and veggies.  We are super stoked to have found a local farmer who raises cows, pigs, and chickens.  They are all pasture raised and freshly processed.  Couple that with good prices, and we have a definite winner.  After we head back home to drop off our purchases, we will head up to Gypsum in the afternoon to shop Costco for any other food items that we are looking for and to fill up the truck for the week.  They have the best diesel prices around, at times $1 cheaper than up valley where we are staying.  We usually head over to our friends' house to visit and maybe grab some dinner.  The exciting news is that they just had their baby this past weekend, so now we get to have baby time also.  We stopped this past Sunday to drop off a meal, but it turned into a nice visit with them, their newborn, the dogs, and parents.

While we are not out on exciting new adventures each day, we definitely are enjoying where we are at and what the surrounding area has to offer.

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