Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park

So, we've been in Alabama now for about six weeks. While Jason is working at an industrial facility nearby, we've settled into a wonderful state park to call "home" while we are in the area.

Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park is the site of the original ironworks facilities and blast furnaces that supported the Confederate Army during the US Civil War. The original furnaces are still in place today, as well as a number of other historical landmarks and several other historical buildings that have been moved to the park for preservation and to open them up for the public.

We have loved this beautiful hidden gem, which is as charming as Central Alabama itself is. After looking at a few of our photographs of the park, I'm sure that you'll agree.

One of the original furnaces within the park.

Tannehill State Park sits within three counties. Jason found the marker while hiking one day.

Original slave cemetery tucked away in the woods.

A miniature train takes visitors from the campground area to the Pioneer Farm area.

The Country Store and campground offices, circa 1905.

Craft cabins are open on the weekends to watch local artisans create paintings, pottery, quilts, wood carving, musical instruments and more!

One of the many streams that flow through the park, including a crystal clear bubbling brook swimming hole!

Country church, circa 1905. Sunday services are still held here weekly.

Pre-Civil War era cemetery adjacent to the church. The cemetery has been restored, but the original grave markers are still where they lay.

Working grist mill that still grinds corn. You can bring your own to grind for $20/bushel, or purchase for $3/lb. in the Country Store.

Fancy meeting this guy on the hiking trail...
Yes. He is a rattler.

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