Sunday, January 1, 2012

Playing around with Pinterest

It's no secret that I love to try new, crafty ideas out and that Jason requires lots of projects when the weather drives us indoors, so yesterday we put our heads together and made this nifty little necklace holder together:
Necklaces no longer live spread across our dresser!
I got the idea from Pinterest where I had pinned this image a couple of months ago but hadn't figured out quite how i would implement the idea:

Original idea from Pinterest
As far as projects go, this was SUPER simple! The only materials needed were:
  • A piece of scrap wood (mine is just under 1 foot in length, because that's what worked in my space
  • Drawer pulls or knobs (we happened to have extras from when we purchased our bedroom furniture...7.5 years ago--yes, we have packrat tendancies...)
  • Screws to attach the knobs or pulls to the board
  • Paint, if you choose to paint the board
  • Power drill to make the holes for your screws
  • Picture hanger brackets to mount it to the wall
First, I painted my piece of wood and allowed it to dry. Since it's a rough-hewn piece of wood, I decided on just one coat to let the natural wood grain show through.
After the wood was dry, we measured and marked the places where we would drill the pilor holes for the screws. After double-checking that the knobs will be where i wanted them, Jason drilled the pilot holes just slightly smaller than the screws we would use.
Next, he went back and screwed the screws into the board with the power drill, so that the screws were flush with the board on the back and sticking out about 1/4-inch on the front. I attached the knobs to the board, then we gently attached the picture-hanger brackets to the back and hung it on the wall.
30-minute project, not including drying time for the paint! So simple, but makes such a visual difference in the organization of our bedroom!
The best part is that we had all of the supplies on hand, just sitting around and waiting for a purpose--a virtually free project too! I love finding new uses for old things!

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