Saturday, January 7, 2012

Random, fun morning

I woke up this morning, not of my own accord, but because Eliza was lonely as she roamed around her room.  I quickly put her back into her bed, hoping that she would go back down (we use a room darkening shade and it was still pre-dawn).  It worked for a little while, but before long I heard the full cadre playing in their room.

I decided that this was my cue to get up.  Stephanie was still sleeping, soundly I might add.  I snuck out to the kitchen to get the oven going with thoughts of hot cinnamon rolls wafting through my head.  I managed to get the oven going and pan out before a set of little footsteps could be heard coming towards me.  Thinking that if I ducked down with the lights off they would retreat back to their room, I waited with baited breath.  Ian or Caroline would head back, but lo and behold it was Lydia who came out to play by herself.  Cute little girl.

Count to 8 and the rest of the troupe was out with us.  We then proceeded to play quietly until the food was ready.  Well, as quietly as possible for a ravenous pack of wolves.  Miraculously enough, Stephanie was able to sleep up to the point of me serving the food.  I decided that she didn't need to get up and served her breakfast in bed.  She really wasn't awake yet, but she did light up quickly at the sight of hot ooey gooey goodness and a cold glass of milk in front of her.

After breakfast was over, the kids went back to playing.  I cleaned up, made my coffee and sat down to respond to some emails.  Stephanie soon showed up, smiling from a nice relaxing and peaceful morning in her sanctuary (bedroom).  She greeted the kids and then returned to the sanctuary for a hot shower.  It was during this time that I decided some music was in order.  Stephanie gets done with her shower to find the rest of us having a wild dance party to a very eclectic mix (example: Sara Groves followed by Kid Rock).

Honestly, you can't go wrong with a morning like that.  Have a fun day!

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