Sunday, March 11, 2012

Busy, busy, busy.

So, what have the Simpsons been up to for the past few days?  Glad you asked!  In the spirit of de-cluttering, down sizing, and spring cleaning, (background and history found in these posts: How much is too much?, The first step, Trashcan, Taking a step back) we are getting ready for a garage sale.  I know that most garage sales involve trying to pawn off the little trinkets and junk that people are tired of staring at.  Being a former pro-garage saler, I understand this sentiment.  I would travel from sale to sale, weed through the junk and crap that was put out, and hope to find that one treasure.  This treasure could be something that the owner has no clue what the value is or something that another avid garage saler has yet to discover.  My 2 best stories of this are getting a $1500 bicycle for $100 or getting a $150 Longabarger basket for $2.  Both great finds.

But fear not!  Our garage sale is not just the bits of crap that we want to dispense with.  If you have followed along with the aforementioned posts, one would understand that we are getting rid of the extraneous items around us, keeping only what we need.  There are many, many quality items that will be available for sale.  Only the items that we have deemed "too good" to be taken in our 6 carloads to Goodwill since the beginning of 2012 have made the cut. In the past 2 days, we have filled half of the garage with items ready for a new home.  See...

And there is more that we have not moved out there yet.  So, if you are local and are looking for a little bit of everything (furniture, tools, men's, women's and kids clothes and toys, kitchen and household items, and much more!) please tell your friends and come by. Please send us a message if you need directions to our neighborhood. We will be advertising in the Star, Craigslist, and via social media.  Friday, March 16th and Saturday the 17th, 8am until Noon (or the crowds die down). The forecast is shaping up for a beautiful weekend to kick off the garage sale season!

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