Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lydia turns 5

This past Sunday Lydia finally became a handful for us.  No, she didn't all of a sudden take a turn and become overly needy.  We celebrated her 5th birthday!  For a girl that is so generous and considerate of others, Stephanie and I look forward to a day that we can set aside just for Lydia.  It is rare that she demands anything for herself, but I so enjoy the way she lights up, knowing that we truly are interested in only doing what she feels like.  So after some thought, her choices for the day were a trip to the Children's Museum and some strawberry shortcake for her birthday cake.  I spent Saturday night making the cake and fetching the strawberries (soon enough we will have some growing, spring is close!).  

Sunday after church we came home for a quick reset and to grab the necessities for the museum.  Lydia had already informed us that she would like to eat lunch at the museum, so once we arrived we headed to the cafeteria where she picked out cheese pizza for us to eat.  If you haven't discovered the family deal at the pizza counter, it is a whole pizza and 5 drinks of your choice for just over $23.  Not bad when you have 6 mouths to feed.

After lunch, her first choice was to head to the Barbie exhibit.  We played there for awhile, enjoying the run way area, dressing the dolls, and doing up some hair.
Receptionist Lydia, listening to a message from Barbie.
We then made our way to the Mr. Potato head exhibit, which being on a Sunday, was a complete zoo.  We were unable to stay there long, so we made our way to the dinosphere.  I believe Lydia requested to go there because there is a little alcove area that is away from everything else.  Stephanie refers to this as the 'antisocial dinosaur area'.  Knowing Lydia, she just needed a break from a lot of people.
Lydia plays with the dinosaur herd.

The kids rocking a matching game.
We headed back into the rest of the museum through the train area and made our way up to playscape for a little free play time.  After that, we went up to Science Works to play in the water and wind down in the healthy house area.  Soon enough, it was time to head home, with 4 little ones dragging from a busy day.

After a restful ride home, a new found energy was discovered, partially fueled by the promise of presents to open.  We then ate dinner and enjoyed some yummy strawberry shortcake.  
Lydia getting ready to open her gifts.
We had a fun day celebrating my bundle of Joy.  

Happy Birthday Lydia!

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