Sunday, April 29, 2012

The juggling act

I now find myself in the midst of this thrilling, exhilarating, and frustrating juggling act.  We have had great success in moving most of our small and medium items.  Now we are at the point where the big things need to happen.  Sell the car, the van, the motorcycle, and the house so that we can purchase a truck and fifth wheel.  All the while keeping life going as usual.  The goal is to borrow as little money as possible--even as a short term loan--during this process.

2003 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200c 100th Anniversary Edition up for sale.
So here we are left to figure out what we sell first, then second, then third. We also must figure out when, after we sell one or some of these things, it is time to purchase something else.  While this is going on, we still have to make sure that we have transportation to and from work, school, shopping, and any other events or activities that we have planned.

Thus, the juggling act.

It is thrilling for me, because I am back in the 'let's get things moving' groove.  I can seriously look for the fifth wheel and the truck with the intent to work a deal and purchase.  No more do I have to peruse listings and spec sheets only to imagine and file away the information.  Believe me, I AM EXCITED!

And I am frustrated, because I am not in the position to make an offer and say 'I'll take it' when I find what I want.  Instead, it is a matter of asking if they can be flexible, to wait for my other things to sell, to find out if it can be held.  I know how I have felt in selling my items when someone has asked for me to wait.  NO, I don't want to, I want this thing sold and gone. Yes, there were times that I was able to be flexible, accommodating, and work with their schedule.  I can only hope that when I find 'the one' that this will be the case.  I also remind myself that being a larger priced item, that they will understand some time will be needed to complete the transaction.

Speaking of large purchases and juggling, we found out which item will be the first to leave the juggling act.  We sold our car this weekend! Now we are down to the van.  This will be great practice for when we just have the truck while on the road.

Goodbye Saab! You were a great car.

This is another reminder of how I really am not in control of this whole process, and that I need to just stay out of the way.  One of our small group members has a friend whose car went kaput, and not in a pretty way.  So, since they were in need of a vehicle, they were able to get into contact with us about our vehicle.  I quickly got it ready to show, and they absolutely loved it. The most amazing part is that while they were working with limited resources, they were able to offer the price that we needed in order to sell the vehicle.  A win for both parties!  We were able to sell our vehicle without having to go through the arduous process of prepping it and placing ads, and they were able to get a great vehicle for their commuting needs.

Now we need to find the buyer for our house! Anyone looking for a great house in Indianapolis, check this one out.  And if anyone knows of a good heavy duty truck that can seat six people, please let us know.

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  1. I love seeing God's hand in your lives throughout this process. Keep the posts coming.