Sunday, June 24, 2012

A 'see ya later' weekend

I say 'see ya later' because who really wants to say goodbye.  Goodbye seems too permanent, like you are not planning on seeing someone again.  We spent the weekend in Ohio to visit with friends and family and say see ya later.  We got everyone together for a picnic at my parents house and to show off our new house.  It was a gorgeous day for a cookout and to give tours around and through the RV.  I was in my element, describing all of the functions and features of the RV, plus all of the modifications and customizing that we have done to it.

Sitting in the garage enjoying a meal together. Beautiful wife to the right.
The night before we left for Ohio, as we were heading to our RV after picking up a load from the house, we spotted a rainbow close to our campground.  I jumped out of the truck when I got to the RV and snapped a few photos of it, but I missed the conversation that happened in the van between Stephanie and the kids.

Caroline: It's a sign, Mom!
Lydia: It's a reminder that God keeps His promises, Mom!
Stephanie: Yes. You are absolutely right, girls. Yes, He does.

I must admit, we have seen God keep his promises a lot during this process.  It is fun to see how everything is working out.
See the rainbow above the tailgate of the truck?

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