Thursday, November 22, 2012

A new bed

During our recent trip through Ohio, we took a few days to visit with our families. We are storing a few items at our parents' houses, and took the opportunity to exchange a few items and shed some unused items while there. I also took the opportunity while we were stationary and the kids were busy keeping grandma entertained to remove our other jack knife sofa and build a proper bed for Ian. Both Stephanie and I were eager to accomplish this, knowing that the new bed would be less weight than the couch, but that we would gain extra storage space. So away we went.

Thankfully, I still had my drawings from when I built the first bed, so I had a lumber cut list, dimensions, and a picture to reference, so building this bed went smoothly. Stephanie was able to pop out every now and then to stain the trim boards, so that I could focus on building the structure and fabricating a new addition. An added bonus was that my dad was free and able to help us out on this project.
The space once the couch was removed.
As you can see from the photo, we have access from the outside for storage, which makes it convenient to get items out while on the road or without having to disturb anyone in the room.

I started off by removing the couch and cleaning up the area. After that, things move fairly quick. Since the space is just at 6 feet, the bed is designed to hold a smaller person so I did not go all out with the bracing. But, in case you are wondering, I do not think twice about climbing into bed with one of the kids. It easily accommodates my 160+ pound frame.
The basic frame work.
A few floor cleats, some vertical supports, and then the basic frame for the plywood to sit on. This does create a better air stop/insulation than the couch, so this is also an upgrade from a temperature standpoint as well. At this point I face it with some plywood to attach the front finish to and lay a piece of plywood on top for the mattress. I leave this loose for easy access to the storage underneath.
The finished product, sans bedding and toys.
For this bed, I finished it straight across, using two pieces of sheet metal for facing, thus creating a large magnet board. I covered up the rough edges with the trim boards, eliminating any cut hazards. We plan on painting the metal with chalkboard paint to create a multi-surface play/learning area. A consideration that I had to keep in mind was that the bed is built on a slide, so I had to make sure that I did not build beyond the clearance zone. The fun part is checking your work for the first time by standing inside the room while the slide comes in. And for anyone wondering, I built the beds within .5 inches of clearance.

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  1. I really love this idea and will help me when we are looking for our 5er. We really like the Jayco Eagle 31.5fbhs floor plan. Thanks for sharing!