Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Clean the closet

So I got up the gumption to clean out my closet over the weekend, mostly at the prodding of my ever-so-loving wife.  It looks like a small area, but (after seeing and believing) I guess that I am really good at cramming a lot of stuff in a small space (let's just say you could not see my bed or the floor in my bedroom after pulling everything out).  

As a side note:  We have been very intentional in our purging in an effort to steer ourselves toward more simple living (and deny our inner pack rat).

So, things get really interesting when you play the 10 second game with that much stuff.  Crap to my wife.  Stuff.  It's my closet.  It's my stuff.  For those that may not be in the know, you have 10 seconds to decide what to do with the object that you have picked up.  Keep, toss, donate, etc.  Some items are easy; old papers to recycle (who needs that travel book from 2003 any ways).  Some items not; the poncho from Mexico that you never wear except for halloween every other year.  What really caught my attention was having to get rid of some clothes.  I really have only had to get rid of clothes because of being worn out or having holes.  This was one of the first times that I have had to get rid of clothes that do not fit anymore since, O, ....high school.  Yep, I still have, and wear, clothes from before I could legally operate a vehicle.  I have considered it pretty nice to only need to update because of style changes.  Don't get me wrong, this is not an 'I'm so fat' rant.  Really, I have just filled out some to what my wife would say is a 'Healthy Jason'.  Still, between the size changes, the 10 second rule (in regards to clothes, have I worn it in the past 3 months) and having "simplify, simplify" running through my head, I got rid of a bunch of clothes.  More than I have ever had to, more than I expected.  It's a weird feeling. 

Good news, I found the Magic 8 Ball.  I was not sure if I should keep it or not, so I asked if I should keep it.  'Yes' was the reply.  Talk about self preservation.

Yes, I do feel like this sometimes.


  1. Did you get rid of the bowling "Nancy" shirt? If so, I might cry.

  2. Then cry. That disappeared during college I think.

  3. Aw that's too bad