Friday, October 7, 2011

Home schooling

Stephanie and I have talked at length about our children's education, what our thoughts are, plans and what we would do given different scenarios.  Thankfully, up to this point preschool has been wonderful, and due to my working at Heritage, we have not had to think twice about what school to send our kids to.  Given a different situation, we felt strongly that we would start them out with a bit of homeschooling.  I have not thought much about this until I read a friend's blog about how they home school their kids.  So, in the spirit of disseminating information, here is a recent post about their home school curriculum.  I hope that it is helpful should you be looking for some info or thinking about this option for your children.

The Maxwell 6: Loving Kindergarten and Second Grade!

In the spirit of the many ways that I lovingly call my wife a nerd in regards to her odd ball interests, I hereby dub Emily a home school nerd.  She admits it, one way or another.


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