Thursday, May 17, 2012

One foot in front of the other

I feel like my heart has been racing at a hummingbird's pace this week. It's full--of lots of good things that excite me, of a number of bittersweet bits that bring tears through my smile, and a sprinkling of anxiety, because try as I might to fight it, I'm still a control freak.

I am still perpetually in awe of how God is making His hand very clearly seen in our family's major transition. The pieces of what needs to go/what we need to acquire/what we need to do and in what order continue to just fall into place exactly when they need to--and not a moment too soon!

That contributes to some of my anxiety, if I'm honest, because of my control freak tendencies. I am quick to forget that we aren't in control here and that things will happen when they need to and when they should. It's just a little overwhelming sometimes to look around and see a van, a motorcycle, a house and a houseful of furnishings that need to be sold within the next 6 weeks or so. We also have to pack up and move all that we will be bringing with us into our RV (and the nebulous truck that we're still looking for!) to head off for our first job site in that same time. It's totally doable, I just get bogged down with details more than I should.

I've been finalizing our education plans for our kids too, as they wrap up their school year this week. I want to have any curriculum that we need shipped before June so that we're organized and ready to start their next educational level whenever we get to our first destination. Since summer will be Jason's heavy work season, we'll start our school year over the summer to align their breaks more closely with our travel and "vacation" breaks.
All of the little Simpsonites this morning. It's Lydia's last day of Prep-K.

As the school year wraps up, we're starting the series of "Goodbyes" to our friends, co-workers and neighbors here in town. As excited as we are for what lies ahead and as hard as we are trying to remain present while we are here, when the time comes to say "See you later," it's really difficult for me, not knowing how long it might be before we do see these friends once more.

So we continue to keep on keeping on. I remind myself that the journey is the destination. And that doesn't just start for our family when we hit the road. It started the moment that we breathed our first breaths. And so I'll just keep breathing in and breathing out and trusting that our story will continue to unfold just as it should.

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