Monday, May 7, 2012

Stopping to have a little fun

In the spirit of being present where we are at, we took yesterday afternoon to just play in the front yard.  I understand that this may not seem like a huge undertaking or something noteworthy, but I realized that we have not taken time recently to just play in our front yard.  We have been busy planning, processing, running, and adjusting to simple living.

Yes, it was a little warm and we got a little sticky and dirty, but otherwise we would not have had the chance to see our strawberries beginning to turn red, all of the plants sprouting in the garden, or Caroline's '4' leaf clover (she added a leaf to a 3 leaf clover).

The kids rode their bikes around the driveway, creating their obstacle course with the cones.  We threw frisbees back and forth and kicked the soccer ball.  Flowers were picked, grass was combed through, and Eliza continued her practice of maneuvering up and down a step without tripping over her dress.

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