Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas day

Christmas has come and gone.  While we are somewhat sad, we also have had a lot of fun and have some great memories to look back on.  We enjoy Christmas day, because it is a very relaxed day.  We do not plan anything so that we can go at our own pace.  After letting everyone sleep in as long as they would like, we enjoy a nice breakfast and some play time.  Soon enough, the lure of the gifts sitting under the tree and hanging in the stockings becomes too great, and we gather round the advent house for one last door to open: baby Jesus, ready to lay in the manger.

Fire: Check.  Stockings hung: Check.

Waiting for the last door to open.

Soon after, we begin the process of opening gifts.  We like to let each person take a turn, allowing everyone to see what was in the gift, and also to allow the one opening a chance to play with or investigate the gift before moving on.  Like I said, we have all day, why not make the most of it.

Ian opens while Eliza waits.

The gift wrap is as much fun as the gifts.

A reminder that it is not always fun and games. Or sunshine and rainbows.

Stephanie's mother joined us for Christmas day while Jason's family came out the day after Christmas.  It was two very fun days and a great time of fun with family.

Nine Simpsons in one house.

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