Wednesday, December 7, 2011


We made our first round of Christmas cookies with the kids tonight for our Advent activity. First, we mixed up Stephanie's favorite sugar cookies to chill overnight and bake tomorrow. She has a reprint of the same 1960's Betty Crocker Cooky Book that her mom used when Stephanie  was a child, so we include many of the same Christmas cookie recipes that she's made for 25+ years in our holiday baking each year.

Once the sugar cookie dough was chilling, we mixed up, cut out and baked a few dozen gingerbread cookies together. Thankfully, things went smoothly, so there are no epic stories, but here are some photos from our evening:

Eliza decided to play with the butter box. 
Waiting patiently for instructions.

Adding ingredients.

More ingredients.

Someone sneaking a taste of the dough. She thought she snuck it.

Cutting out the cookies.

Getting them ready for the oven.

Waiting to bake. Messy hands.  Good times.

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