Saturday, December 17, 2011

Slow my roll

Admittedly, it is my nature to have a plan or a schedule, hit the ground running in the morning, and try to keep going through the day.  I like the feeling of staying busy and feeling that I am accomplishing something each moment.  I end up hurrying from one thing to another.

Today was the first day of Christmas break.  The first day that I didn't have any commitments to work that I had to worry about.  The first day that I wasn't trying to get things done and cram them in because I've had a busy week and am anticipating another one.  Today was the first day to get to all of the fun, Christmasy stuff that I have been wanting to.  So, did I hit the ground running this morning, rallying the troops to get a move on?


We slept in.

Every person got up when they were ready to.  Some of us hours before others.

I went to bed last night with the intentional thought of not planning anything, not trying to cram everything into today.  Instead, we had a late breakfast, played for awhile, enjoyed a light lunch, and then got on with the day.

It was GREAT!

We then went up to Conner Prairie for their Holidays on the Prairie activities.  On the weekends they have some of the buildings open in Prairie Town for guests to interact with the characters.  It is fun to get into the period with them and banter back and forth.  They also have a gingerbread house competition on display inside the main building.  This part is open for the rest of the season.  Next in line was Discovery Station, their indoor play area for the kids with a market, train station, and farming activities.  This area is always a hit with the kids.

Eliza ready to do some yard work.

Lydia picked an armful of apples.

Caroline and Ian working in the wood shop.
We headed home for a nice dinner of beef, potatoes and carrots that had been simmering all day in the slow cooker (see, more slowing down).  Afterwards, we enjoyed a live nativity put on by Epworth UMC.  They have some live animals from Conner Prairie, warm fires, cookies, and a large collection of nativities from around the world.  

Something that I have to remind myself of, and I pass along:  Slow down.  Take in what this holiday season has to offer.  I think that I will be better off if I miss a few things on my to do list but really enjoy the things that I do get to.  Try it for yourself.

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