Monday, December 12, 2011

The village and a boy

Last night we had a fun time building a gingerbread village for our advent activity.  We used a kit by Wilton that contains 5 buildings, which is very handy when you have several kids that each want to put their own design touch into the creation.  We used the same kit last year, and it seemed to work out well enough that we went for it again this year.  Stephanie and Eliza teamed up to put together one of the houses while the rest of us picked our own to work with. I like that each of the buildings is a different shape, so there is no competition of whose is done better, each one is a unique creation.  Ok, starting to sound like a Sunday School lesson, on with the photos!

Jason piping out the icing

Eliza is using the force to hold the roof up.

Tornado Ian struck, so Jason is re-erecting the house. 
The village all lined up.  The house on the left is what Caroline made at school.

Close up.

They didn't stay upright, but didn't fall over, either.

This evening Ian had his Christmas program for the Early Childhood Center at Church at the Crossing.  Since it is all 2-5 year olds, the kids are on stage for a quick song and then get to go back to Mom and Dad.  Short attention spans on the kids part = short show, and with cookies afterwards for a sugar buzz, everyone wins!

Ian rocking the claps, and I thought he would be the one not into it.

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  1. Love the pics! And love all the activities the kiddos are enjoying. Just feeling the love all around!