Monday, September 26, 2011

In the minority for teachable moments

So this past week was homecoming at school, 

(Sidebar: I take care of the A/V needs at Heritage Christian School in Indianapolis.  Part of my duties involve instructing the Video Production classes there.)

and, as I am sure it is with most schools, we had different themes each day to dress up to.  Some of the usual stuff, Hero Day (which I went as the esteemed MacGyver, theme song and all), Country Club day (which I took literally and wore my boots and cowboy hat).

The day that proved most interesting to me was fake an injury day.  Now here you would expect the usual, kids on crutches, in splints and riding around in wheelchairs.  There were band-aids, bandages, and too much mascara for a black eye.

But I'm not into the simple stuff.  I teach Video Production, which involves special effects.  I wanted something realistic.  Gory.  Gooey.  Bloody.

So I convinced my class to gather the resources and prior to school that day, we had a good old fashioned blood making party.  After which, we smeared it all over each other.  I think it looked pretty good.  I really enjoyed the kid who had the bloody hand print on their neck.  The stuff worked out pretty good; it kept a good sheen to it, was about the right color, and even oozed like coagulating blood.

I soon discovered the drama teacher was sharing the same thoughts as me.  Not only can I have some fun today using some of my talents, but I can use it to teach the kids something about the craft.  On this day of fun and revelry, I shall teach my students something slightly gory and grade them on it!

Yeah, so while most teachers are probably slightly put off because of lack of focus on the students' part, I'm finding something out of the ordinary to teach them.  Yay for an atypical learning environment.

Sorry, no pics.

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