Thursday, September 15, 2011

'I say yep!'

So, we all have experiences with the silly/funny/crazy things that kids say.  Nothing new here.  But what I love is how the kids develop their personality, and even though they move on linguistically, somethings just stick.  Like my #2 child and the way that she says chocolate.  It comes out more like schloclate.  Still says it that way.  A part of me never wants that to change.  And #1, with her 'Spanish', which really is just babble talk, but it is just fun how she goes around the house speaking a foreign language in her head (quite convincingly, since Lydia follows along with it).  While I know that having Spanish class this year will increase her vocabulary, I know that I will miss the babbling gibberish.

So now #3 is getting quite the vocabulary.  Which I know that he always has had, but now that his body is catching up to his brain, he is becoming the cutest little bug.  Wait, that wasn't real manly of me. 

Try again:  He is becoming quite the dapper fellow. (best I could do under pressure).  In the midst of clarity coming to his words and sentences flowing from his mouth (much to his mother, his therapist, and my elation), he is adding the final hard sound/syllable to words.  And he likes it.  The way it feels, sounds, comes across...

So we have him saying nope instead of no, and he seems to prefer yep to yes.  We know that he can say the proper words, but when the question was asked of him if he could say yes, his response, clear and to the point was, "I say yep!".

Enough said, if you ask me.

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