Friday, September 16, 2011

The swirling gene pool

So I want to know where in the recessive gene pool the cheerleader gene was hiding.  We have always known that Caroline had it in her, but with tonight's junior cheerleader time at the football game, this fact has pretty much been cemented.  Don't get me wrong, it was cute watching her run around with 83 other elementary age young ladies.  Yet, she takes it seriously.  As in she has been practicing for the past few days.  And talking about it non stop.  And went to bed still saying the cheers.

Meanwhile Lydia just sat down with some friends and hung out.  Ian wouldn't leave my side, and due to having a loud mouth Dad, he was able to score an adult XL t shirt and a mini football.  And by loud mouth, I mean shouting all of the cheers with the varsity squad and rooting the home team on to victory. 

So, yeah, I will understand where the musical interest would come from.  I get the creative artsy side.  I get the mischievous nature.  I get the dedication and passion.

...BUT WHERE ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH did I get a cheerleader from?

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